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Flip Rodriguez on why he almost pulled the plug on this season

On the American Ninja Warrior podcast, he shares why he was very close to not returning to the competition.

Lara Solanki/NBC

Eight years of American Ninja Warrior competition is enough to weigh on anyone. Even a Ninja as accomplished and beloved as Flip Rodriguez.

On the latest American Ninja Warrior podcast, Flip shares that season 11, his ninth season, almost didn’t happen for him. It wasn’t due to an injury or complications with his work schedule. It was because he almost didn’t want it to happen. As Flip shares, the fatigue this level of competition takes on a person can become overwhelming.

We all know he did return this year, and in a big way. In the Los Angeles City Finals, Flip had the fastest course completion (one of only two Ninjas to hit the buzzer), and won the Safety Pass on the Power Tower. That means he’s back for the National Finals with a do-over on Stage One or Two should he need it.

The journey Flip went on to find his way back to the course this season is an important part of understanding just what these Ninja Warriors give every year. Take a listen to get to know a legendary competitor in a new way.

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