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Premiere schedule for all City Finals episodes

The second part of the season kicks off Monday, July 15!

Dennis Mong/NBC

It feels like this season of American Ninja Warrior is cruising right along! With the close of Monday’s airing, we’ve already put six episodes behind us, and ALL of the Qualifiers! In each region, the top 30-35 competitors will return to face an extended course with the hopes of advancing to the National Finals in Las Vegas.

To help you prepare, here’s some handy info.

The returning City Finalists and the winners of each region’s Speed Pass:

Remember, the Speed Pass winner is through the the National Finals, no matter what happens in the City Finals.

City Finals premiere schedule:

Mondays, at 8/7c on NBC

  • July 15: LA City Finals
  • July 22: Atlanta City Finals
  • July 29: Oklahoma City Finals
  • August 5: Seattle/Tacoma City Finals
  • August 12: Baltimore City Finals
  • August 19: Cincinnati City Finals

The National Finals premiere schedule has yet to be confirmed by us, so we’ll update you on that later in the season.

Are you ready for the second part of the season? Bring it on, Ninjas!