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Baltimore Qualifiers: Full results and all competitors

99 Ninjas started the night. Only 9 reached the buzzer.

William Gray/NBC

99 Ninjas attempted the Baltimore Qualifying course on American Ninja Warrior. Only nine of them would hit a buzzer. The course delivered a double punch of tricky new obstacles with the Hazard Cones following the Dangerous Curves, by far the most deadly obstacle of the night. Not a single Ninja was able to get up the Mega Wall, although three well-known competitors gave it their best shot. Below, you’ll find the stats on the course!

Read a recap of the episode here.

Here you can find a list of the Ninjas moving on to the City Finals.

Number of competitors: 99

Falls on Shrinking Steps: 11

Falls on Double Twister: 17

Falls on Dangerous Curves: 33

Falls on Hazard Cones: 12

Falls on Crank It Up: 14

Fails at Mega Wall: 3

Mega Wall completions: 0

Completions (total): 9

William Gray/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Sophia Moradi: Shrinking Steps
  • Warren Allen: Shrinking Steps
  • Nick Manchengo: Shrinking Steps
  • Lori Lindsey: Shrinking Steps
  • Kristina Eder: Shrinking Steps
  • Erin Kundolf: Shrinking Steps
  • Daria Beird: Shrinking Steps
  • Andrew Kang: Shrinking Steps
  • Carl Fantauzzo: Shrinking Steps
  • Daniel Zipadelli: Shrinking Steps
  • Christopher Joyce: Shrinking Steps
  • Andrew Swinghamer: Double Twister
  • Marissa Ruper: Double Twister
  • Clint Sarion: Double Twister
  • Volney Powell: Double Twister
  • Todd Mitchell: Double Twister
  • Ben Smith: Double Twister
  • Brian Boyle: Double Twister
  • Alicia Tavani-Candela: Double Twister
  • Joe Mumford: Double Twister
  • Will Schlageter: Double Twister
  • Elliott Brooks: Double Twister
  • Jake Teitelbaum: Double Twister
  • Maryn Ahrens: Double Twister
  • Christine Brock: Double Twister
  • Adriane Alvord: Double Twister
  • Ryan Lampos: Double Twister
  • Jason Kaplan: Double Twister
  • Braden Provon: Dangerous Curves
  • Melia Ochsner: Dangerous Curves
  • Mandy Raville: Dangerous Curves
  • Miles Avery: Dangerous Curves
  • Nick Kupper: Dangerous Curves
  • Tamika Catchings: Dangerous Curves
  • Craig Stowell: Dangerous Curves
  • Veer Bhalla: Dangerous Curves
  • Matt Swalboski: Dangerous Curves
  • Nick Green: Dangerous Curves
  • Paulina Sterpe: Dangerous Curves
  • Corey Belin: Dangerous Curves
  • Karter Ohlson: Dangerous Curves
  • Kyra Tatlow: Dangerous Curves
  • Brandon Singletary: Dangerous Curves
  • Andrew Thron: Dangerous Curves
  • Taylor Johnson: Dangerous Curves
  • Desi Singletary: Dangerous Curves
  • Cara Poalillo: Dangerous Curves
  • Sloane Cameron: Dangerous Curves
  • Casey Rothschild: Dangerous Curves
  • Ronald Benson-El: Dangerous Curves
  • Matthew Zelaya: Dangerous Curves
  • Jaryd Flank: Dangerous Curves
  • Elijah Reid-Williams: Dangerous Curves
  • Sabrina Anderson: Dangerous Curves
  • Jon Alexis Jr.: Dangerous Curves
  • Krista Caldwell: Dangerous Curves
  • Allison Pineault: Dangerous Curves
  • Megan Johnson: Dangerous Curves
  • AJ Nadel: Dangerous Curves
  • Christopher White: Dangerous Curves
  • Drew Horner: Dangerous Curves
  • Michael Poston: Hazard Cones
  • Brad Martin: Hazard Cones
  • Judas Licciardello: Hazard Cones
  • Daniel Eiskant: Hazard Cones
  • Zach Day: Hazard Cones
  • Abby Clark: Hazard Cones
  • Colt Scott: Hazard Cones
  • Ryan Carson: Hazard Cones
  • Conner Claffey: Hazard Cones
  • Angela Gargano: Hazard Cones
  • Jonathan Stevens: Hazard Cones
  • Julius Ferguson: Hazard Cones
  • Alex Goodwin: Crank It Up
  • Ryan Lee: Crank It Up
  • Justin Andelin: Crank It Up
  • Allyssa Beird: Crank It Up
  • Eli Bell: Crank It Up
  • Clayton Mirage: Crank It Up
  • Ryan Rattazzi: Crank It Up
  • Tristan Poffenberger: Crank It Up
  • Joe Capobianco: Crank It Up
  • Anthony Eardley: Crank It Up
  • Lucio Battista: Crank It Up
  • Zach Barefoot: Crank It Up
  • Logan Kreglow: Crank It Up
  • Kevin Liang: Crank It Up
  • Chris Wilczewski: Mega Wall
  • Joe Moravsky: Mega Wall
  • Najee Richardson: Mega Wall
  • Mike Silenzi: Complete
  • Brandon Stenta: Complete
  • Branden McWilliams: Complete
  • Conor Galvin: Complete
  • Lucas Reale: Complete
  • Garrett Lam: Complete
  • Jamie Rahn: Complete
  • Anthony DeFranco: Complete
  • Dave Cavanagh: Complete - Speed Pass winner - National Finalist