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Jessica Clayton proved her mantra, ‘I’m capable. I’m powerful’

Her Atlanta Qualifying run was a gusty show of determination.

Jessica Clayton stunned the American Ninja Warrior audience with her run at the Atlanta Qualifiers. Returning to the course for her third season, Jessica was more focused than ever before. Her run wasn’t always without turbulence, but she refused to give up.

After a scary fall on Block Run, Jessica kicked and clawed her way to safety. The Bouncing Spider didn’t want to let her go, but she forged a path through the pipes. The Ferris Wheel, a new obstacle on the course, was a point that broke a lot of competitors. We were scared for Jessica after it looked like her momentum would swing her off the course. However, she found the strength to tighten up her movements and find her way to the landing pad.

In the end, Jessica was unable to get up the Warped Wall, and of course, seemed disappointed in that. But it wasn’t how fans saw the run. Her gusty performance had viewers all over cheering for her, proving Jessica embodied her own mantra this season: “I’m capable. I’m powerful.”

Find out how Jessica was feeling before her run!

Quantrell Colbert/NBC

“I did well last year. I know I’m capable of doing it. I’ve got a lot of people’s support, especially being here in Atlanta. A lot of people are expecting things out of me. I’m trying to not feel the pressure, but I want to do well for everybody too.”

“I want them (the audience) to know that I am a fighter. That no matter what, I might stumble on the balance, it may not look pretty, but I’m going to get through it no matter what.”

Quantrell Colbert/NBC

“My whole mantra this year is, ‘I’m capable. I’m powerful.’ That doesn’t mean just on the show. I know the work I’ve put in. I know that I’m a legit Ninja. I know that I can compete and do obstacles. I can do that course any given day. Whatever happens that ONE day does not make who I am. I’m still the same person. You just have a mishap sometimes. That happens. I’m going to go out there and leave it all on the course. It something crazy happens, then I’m okay. I’ll probably be hurt but I’ll get over it quickly because that one moment does not make me.”

“My expectations are to go to Vegas. I want to hit a buzzer the first night, I would love to hit a buzzer the second night, but I at least want to go to Vegas.”

Jessica might have missed that first buzzer, but like we said, it doesn’t take away from what she accomplished. She placed 21st overall for the night and will be back for the City Finals were she can continue her quest for Las Vegas.