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Watch Casey Suchocki’s painful but determined Atlanta Qualifying run

After injuring his knee, Casey has to dig deep to stay focused.

Casey Suchocki's nail-biting Atlanta Qualifiers run

EXCLUSIVE: Take a first look at the Atlanta Qualifying course! After a painful injury, can Casey Suchocki complete his run?

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Casey Suchocki stepped up to the American Ninja Warrior course in Atlanta for his fifth season. The talented veteran has made it to Vegas twice before, including making it to Stage Two in season 10. With his grandpa and new wife watching on the sidelines, Casey looked to clear a path to return to Las Vegas this year.

In this exclusive run, Casey gives us a look at that daunting Atlanta Qualifiers course, consisting of some return challenges, like Block Run, and some new obstacles, like Off the Hook, and the Ferris Wheel. But after slamming his knee on the Bouncing Spider, Casey was clearly in pain. How long can he last on the course with an injury distracting from his run? Watch the video above to find out!

Editor’s note: Just FYI, this run won’t be in the full episode we see tonight, Wednesday, June 5. But it was decided to release it online in its entirety. Pretty cool, right?