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Alex Weber crashed the course in Los Angeles

The host of the digital series returned as a genuine competitor.

We’re used to seeing familiar faces on the American Ninja Warrior course, but that’s because they’re usually returning competitors. The Los Angeles Qualifiers featured a rookie that we’ve seen before.

Alex Weber hosted the digital series, “Crashing the Course,” for two seasons. He traveled to American Ninja Warrior locations and, with the help of the Ninjas, tried to master the obstacles. It’s fair to say Alex has experienced his fair share of splashes.

He was hoping that wouldn’t be the case when he stepped up to the starting line as a genuine competitor in Los Angeles. Alex made it through the new first obstacle, the Shrinking Steps, and eyed the rest of the challenges.

Walk the Plank was a VERY tricky new obstacle. 31 Ninjas were stopped in their tracks right here. Alex stumbled a bit on the approach, but he landed the transfer.

The third obstacle, the new Spring Forward, proved to be Alex’s undoing. He missed the leap to the second bar.

Always the optimist, Alex was nothing but smiles as he climbed out of the pool. Another memorable splash for his collection!

The season might be done for him, but we have a feeling he’s going to be part of the Ninja Warrior community for a long time.