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Lance Pekus did what no other Ninja was able to do in Tacoma

Learn more about this mega-talented Ninja on the American Ninja Warrior Podcast with Nikki Lee

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Matthew Hayward/NBC

Lance Pekus has an impressive Ninja Warrior resume, and he certainly added to that resume last night with his Mega Wall victory!

Lance has competed on American Ninja Warrior since Season 4, making it to the Vegas Finals most of those years. We know that Lance is a rancher from Idaho who loves his wife, his kids, Ninja obstacles, and beef, but we want to know more! Luckily, Nikki Lee, host of the American Ninja Warrior Podcast, decided that we needed to dig a little deeper with Lance. He is the third guest of honor on this season’s podcast. Take a listen to the Cowboy Ninja’s story above. There’s a whole lot more to this guy than a cowboy hat and jeans.

Lance Pekus

If you’re looking for the podcast’s first two episodes, featuring Roo Yori and Quest O’Neal, find them here.

As the season goes on, be on the lookout for more American Ninja Warrior podcasts featuring inspiring Ninjas. The podcast is available on NBC.Com, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play.