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Megan Jarmosevich & James Gross, competitors in the OKC Qualifiers, have something in common with 23 other competitors in that city.

Those stinking Diving Boards.

Megan Jarmosevich

Ladies first—Megan Jarmosevich

Clearly a strong competitor, Megan pulled off a solid and very smiley run, right up until those Diving Boards. As Matt Iseman said, it was a “strong debut for the 36 year old rookie, but the flight nurse ended up with a water landing.” Even the water landing didn’t take the smile off her face though. Popping out of the water, Megan said with exuberance, “That was so fun! I want to go again!”

Equally as awesome as Megan’s run on the course is her occupation. Megan is a pediatric flight nurse in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is on a children’s specialty team that transfers kids age newborn to two years old. It can be an emotional and stressful job. “Until you drop them off and you know everything is okay, it is a constant worry.”

Check out Megan’s rookie debut here.

Megan Jarmosevich's OKC Qualifying run

When your job is save infants' lives under pressure, the course is just a chance to have some fun! Watch Megan Jarmosevich's run from the Oklahoma City Qualifiers.

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Thursday, June 13, 2019

James Gross

Another strong competitor on the OKC course, James Gross showed off his strength, speeding through the first two obstacles, and then maintaining good lock-offs and throwing in a one-handed dismount on the Fly Wheels! And then…those stinking Diving Boards that Akbar called “diabolical”. Although James was one of the 25 victims of that tricky obstacle, he certainly showed that his work in the landscaping business prepared him well for the course. James, The Landscape Ninja, credits his occupation for helping to prepare him for the Ninja course, as he climbs trees, busts up concrete, and practices box jumps on the tailgate of his truck.

Check out James’ rookie debut here.