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Maggi Thorne reminds fans to always be themselves

“Whoever you are supposed to be, do that, with joy.” -Maggi Thorne

Brett Deering/NBC

That trademark pink bow was back for a fifth season this week, but more important & impressive than the bow, is the person behind it. Maggi Thorne impressed us with another solid run in Oklahoma City, powering through a misstep on the diving boards, and getting all the way to the second to last obstacle, The Coconut Climb.

In an interview before she took on the course in Oklahoma City, Maggi shared that rather than the bow being a symbol of herself, she’d like the bow to be a symbol that reminds fans to always be themselves.

“I would love the audience to remember who they are... I want them to have their own breakthroughs. What are their dreams? Who do they want to be? Just be that person. Boldly, bravely, abundantly. Whoever you are supposed to be, do that, with joy.”

The best part about Maggi’s advice is that she follows it herself.

Boldly: Well, the trademark bow is pretty bold, as is this Instagram post. We love it!

Bravely: Did you see Maggi on the Diving Boards a couple nights ago? That was some brave clawing action! She attacked the course just like she said she would. “I expect myself to be aggressive. I want to really attack the course… be bold, not timid. I have to be able to trust my capabilities.”

Abundantly: We’ve seen an abundance of Maggi on American Ninja Warrior, as this is her fifth appearance on the show. She always gives an abundance of energy and an abundance of love.

And when things don’t go according to plan, she has an abundance of perseverance.

“There are so many things in life that aren’t going to come out like you thought. I’m a 37-year-old single mom of three. I would have never pictured that. I think about that. How can I embrace this season of life? …You have to be able to pull out the joy in it.”