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Barclay Stockett is following her dreams through American Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior helps Barclay pursue strength and all of her goals, while still having fun.

Barclay Stockett is a model for grit, determination, and strength. The Coconut Climb got her this time, but not without a valiant effort. This is Barclay’s fourth season on ANW, and she’s been an impressively strong competitor since Season 9.

Before Barclay took on the course this season, she sat down with us to chat about all things Ninja Warrior. For Barclay, it’s all about fun, love, and following your dreams.

First…Ninja is fun!

“I want them (the audience) to remember my smile. I want them to remember that I’m having fun out there and doing what I love.”

Barclay feels love both on and off the course at American Ninja Warrior competitions.

“You see a lot of hugs on American Ninja Warrior, but there are even more off camera. Those are always a favorite for me. One thing that happens every single year, that always touches my heart, is there is always a group prayer, whether it’s in City Qualifiers, City Finals, or in Vegas. It’s been all three places. Always, someone comes over and offers to pray.”

When Barclay trains for and competes on American Ninja Warrior, she is following her dreams.

“I’m just following my dreams. I’m just pursuing strength and determination and my goals. It’s this constant tug of war between success and failure. I’m determined to succeed.”

For Barclay, Season 10 had plenty of ups and downs.

“Season 10 was a bit of a roller coaster. I started out in the Dallas Qualifiers feeling very nervous, like bad nerves, not feeling like myself at all…feeling kind of like I was faking being excited and faking being confident... It took a lot of mental fortitude to come back to City Finals, change my attitude, and find my confidence again. Once I did, I remembered why I love the sport. I remembered why I love being up on the platform and doing obstacles. I had so much fun and it completely changed the outcome.”

“Vegas was crazy because I knew that it was a course I could finish. I fully expected to finish Stage One. It was shocking to go down on Jeep Run. But I also remember coming up smiling, because I had gone so much faster, and I had been so much more confident on every obstacle. I’d only taken like one breath between each obstacle and I knew I was on pace to hit the buzzer. It made a huge difference for me, and it gives me a lot of confidence going into season 11.”

Moving forward, Barclay’s goal for Season 11 is to hit a buzzer at the Oklahoma City Finals, as well as in Vegas Stage 1. Get after it, Barclay! We hope you crush it, and continue to have loads of fun, while following your dreams.