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Quest O’Neal is the guest of honor on the latest American Ninja Warrior podcast.

The second ANW podcast of the season is out, and Nikki Lee dishes up plenty of inspiration from the perspective of Season 10 breakout star, Quest O’Neal.

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Cooper Neill/NBC

Who was thrilled to see Quest O’Neal back on the course for Season 11? We were! Last year, Quest was a relatively unknown newcomer, who quickly made a name for herself with her contagious positive energy and never-give-up spirit. On top of that, Quest killed it on the Season 10 Dallas Qualifying Course, making it to obstacle 5 (Crank It Up), placing in the top 30 competitors, and finishing in second place among women.

This year, Quest was back with that same unrelenting positive energy, making it to the fourth obstacle (Diving Boards). She recently sat down with ANW Nation editor and American Ninja Warrior Podcast host, Nikki Lee, to give her fans a peek into her life as a Ninja, and the life events that led her to this point.

Listen to the American Ninja Warrior Podcast featuring Quest O’Neal at the top of this article. Also, if you missed this season’s first American Ninja Warrior Podcast, featuring Roo Yori, the K9 Ninja, take a listen here.

As the season goes on, be on the lookout for more American Ninja Warrior podcasts featuring in-depth conversations with captivating Ninjas. The podcast is available on NBC.Com, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play.