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There’s even more Ninja Warrior action on SnapChat this season

An exclusive competition will place two Ninjas on the big course later this year.

Just can’t get enough American Ninja Warrior in your life? Season 11 has one more way to bring more of the show into your world. Its an American Ninja Warrior competition happening exclusively on SnapChat.

The series is hosted by Ninja veteran Grant McCartney and features 12 amateur Ninjas. They raced on a specially built course to whittle the field down to six Ninjas. Those six got a chance to race on the Los Angeles course. The top two will earn competition spots in the regular season.

The show premiered on SnapChat back on May 29, the night American Ninja Warrior debuted. Three episodes of the series have been released.

Who’s watched this side-competition so far? Any thoughts to share? How have you liked it? It seems like we’ll find out who the top two Ninjas from this series are, as they’ll be headed to the regular show later in the season!