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Season 11’s Speed Pass and Safety Pass Winners

We’ll update this on-going list as each episode airs.

Quantrell Colbert/NBC

Season 11 of American Ninja Warrior introduced the brand new Power Tower. The bonus obstacle pits the two fastest finishers (or farthest the fastest, in the case of not enough finishers) in a head-to-head race 40 feet in the air.

In the Qualifiers, the Ninjas are racing for the Speed Pass. It guarantees that the winner is through to the National Finals, regardless of what happens in the City Finals.

In the City Finals, they will race for the Safety Pass. That allows the winner to call a do-over on Stage One or Stage Two of the National Finals, should they fall. (It’s no good if they don’t fall until Stage Three.)

We have an in-depth explanation of the Power Tower here.

Since this is such a big development, and it will have an affect on the City Finals and National Finals, we thought we should keep a running list of the Power Tower races and winners. We’ll update this each week as more are revealed!

Speed Pass

Hunter Guerard vs David Campbell
Speed Pass Winner: Hunter Guerard

Tyler Gillett vs Drew Drechsel
Speed Pass Winner: Drew Drechsel

Daniel Gil vs Matthew Day
Speed Pass Winner: Daniel Gil

Leif Sundberg vs Sean Bryan
Speed Pass Winner: Sean Bryan

Dave Cavanagh vs Conor Galvin
Speed Pass Winner: Dave Cavanagh

Ethan Swanson vs Jackson Twait
Speed Pass Winner: Ethan Swanson

Safety Pass

Lara Solanki/NBC

Flip Rodriguez vs Brian Kretsch
Safety Pass Winner: Flip Rodriguez

Drew Drechsel vs Kevin Carbone
Safety Pass Winner: Drew Drechsel

Daniel Gil vs Mathis “The Kid” Owhadi”
Safety Pass Winner: Mathis “The Kid” Owhadi

Dan Yager vs Karson Voiles
Safety Pass Winner: Karson Voiles

Dave Cavanagh vs Lucas Reale
Safety Pass Winner: Dave Cavanagh

Ethan Swanson vs Michael Torres
Safety Pass Winner: Michael Torres