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Lance Pekus, Geoff Britten, Jessie Graff, & Nick Hanson are among the Ninja greats filming in Tacoma this weekend

While there are many new factors heading into Tacoma, there will still be plenty of Ninja greats from seasons past

Lance Pekus

Two days remain until the Tacoma filming. Many athletes & fans are focused on the new factors that will come into play in the Pacific Northwest. A brand new city, an indoor venue, and a daytime filming slot lead us to believe that Tacoma will bring us plenty of new adventure. Not everything will be new though. Plenty of ninja greats from seasons past are coming to town!

Jessie Graff, Geoff Britten, Jake Murray, Lance Pekus, Nick Hanson & other proven Ninjas will be bringing their best. We wondered how they were spending their last few days leading up to the Tacoma City Qualifiers filming. Here’s what we found out:

Geoff Britten certainly hasn’t lost any of the amazing strength he displayed in Seasons 7 & 8. Is it possible that he’s even stronger now?

Nick Hanson participated in some fun-loving & entertaining training challenges with a bit of Alaskan flair.

And he didn’t skip out of training on long travel days!

Jessie Graff is working that Warped Wall, and the practice is paying off.

And Lance Pekus is heading into Tacoma in a reflective state of mind, reminding us to always enjoy the journey.

We’ll be able to see for ourselves how all of these City Qualifiers play out, starting May 29 on NBC.