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Ninja Warrior’s 2019 All Stars special to air May 26

The special airs Sunday, May 26 at 7pm.

JJ Woods and Adam Rayl during the 2018 All Stars competition
David Becker/NBC

Here comes new American Ninja Warrior!

Broadway World just announced that the 2019 (taped in 2018) American Ninja Warrior All Stars special will air on Sunday, May 26, at 7pm on NBC.

The annual special generally consists of two parts. The team competition features teams of Ninjas selected by the hosts. They then compete tag team style on the courses of the National Finals. The other part is the Skills Challenge where the Ninjas just go all-out to break records and defy what we think is possible on various obstacles.

Check out the results of last year’s competition below.

The All Stars special will air from 7-10pm on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, giving us three hours of new Ninja action, just days before the season 11 premiere on Wednesday, May 29. All Stars one of our favorite competitions of the season, since the pressure is off and the Ninjas are out to simply have a blast. We can’t wait to find out which Ninjas the hosts selected for their teams and what bonkers challenges we have to look forward to at the end of this month!