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Season 11 Los Angeles Qualifiers: Full results and all competitors

96 Ninjas started out the season.

Michael Becker/NBC

American Ninja Warrior kicked off season 11 with the Los Angeles Qualifiers. We finally got to see the new Power Tower in action and it did not disappoint. David Campbell and Hunter Guerard put it all on the line, with Hunter winning the Speed Pass to the National Finals. But the unsung Ninja killer of the night might have been the new obstacle, Walk the Plank. It took out a whopping 31 of 96 Ninjas!

Below, you can take a look at how all the falls broke down.

Read a recap of the episode here.

Here you can find a list of the Ninjas moving on to the City Finals.

  • Completions: 11
  • Fails at Mega Wall: 3
  • Fails at Warped Wall: 2
  • Falls on Spin Hopper: 7
  • Falls on Diamond Dash: 3
  • Falls on Spring Forward: 13
  • Falls on Walk the Plank: 31
  • Falls on Shrinking Steps: 26
  • Power Tower Winner: Hunter Guerard - Speed Pass to National Finals
Michael Becker/NBC

Here are all the competitors, and where they completed their runs

Please note: These are unofficial results based on witnessing the competition first hand. If you think I’ve miss-recorded something, let me know in the comments! Additionally, names are organized by obstacle and listed in no particular order beyond that.

  • Angela Olson: Shrinking Steps
  • Nicholas Lucin: Shrinking Steps
  • Robert S. Wormus: Shrinking Steps
  • Joe Bala: Shrinking Steps
  • Christina Urrutia: Shrinking Steps
  • Zeb Jensen: Shrinking Steps
  • Christian Peraza: Shrinking Steps
  • Paige Chapman: Shrinking Steps
  • James McSwain: Shrinking Steps
  • Meghan Bailey: Shrinking Steps
  • Selena Laniel: Shrinking Steps
  • Anna McKinley: Shrinking Steps
  • Jon Bundy: Shrinking Steps
  • Colleen Barney: Shrinking Steps
  • Milton Nkunku: Shrinking Steps
  • Sasha Savage: Shrinking Steps
  • Margaux Alvarez: Shrinking Steps
  • Amy Harski: Shrinking Steps
  • Sara Low: Shrinking Steps
  • Megan Moore: Shrinking Steps
  • Adrienne Jose: Shrinking Steps
  • Zane St. Andre Jackson: Shrinking Steps
  • Mikayla Fong: Shrinking Steps
  • Regina Aridi: Shrinking Steps
  • Crystal Salaz: Shrinking Steps
  • Pamela Price: Shrinking Steps
  • Jesus Vidal Pachelo: Walk the Plank
  • Adam Joshua Evans: Walk the Plank
  • Greg Schwartz: Walk the Plank
  • Jacob Dyke: Walk the Plank
  • Greg Freeman: Walk the Plank
  • Christopher Kadima: Walk the Plank
  • Alex Zannes: Walk the Plank
  • Benjamin Humphrys: Walk the Plank
  • John Roman: Walk the Plank
  • Wasim El-Habach: Walk the Plank
  • Jay Szczypiorski: Walk the Plank
  • Brian Montagnese: Walk the Plank
  • Earl Hooks: Walk the Plank
  • Aubry Wiltcher: Walk the Plank
  • Kionte Storey: Walk the Plank
  • Tiana Webberley: Walk the Plank
  • Chandler Stallworth: Walk the Plank
  • Rich Laru: Walk the Plank
  • Kareem Rush: Walk the Plank
  • Anna Shumaker: Walk the Plank
  • John Orozco: Walk the Plank
  • Charles Dimaano Jr.: Walk the Plank
  • Jesse Orenshein: Walk the Plank
  • Nikkilette Wright: Walk the Plank
  • Cheyenne Arrington: Walk the Plank
  • Anthony Porter: Walk the Plank
  • Alex Shelton: Walk the Plank
  • Leah Duhon: Walk the Plank
  • Chris O’Connell: Walk the Plank
  • Christian Brown-Johnson: Walk the Plank
  • Victor Chan: Walk the Plank
  • Steven Barbarito: Spring Forward
  • Ricky Chen: Spring Forward
  • Lee Cates: Spring Forward
  • Francisco Barajas: Spring Forward
  • Brandon Dodson: Spring Forward
  • Derek Miyamoto: Spring Forward
  • Alex Weber: Spring Forward
  • Nick Lombardi: Spring Forward
  • Tyler Fidler: Spring Forward
  • Anthony Trucks: Spring Forward
  • Thomas Zofron: Spring Forward
  • Emmi Rose: Spring Forward
  • Ben Antoine: Spring Forward
  • Verdale Benson: Diamond Dash
  • Kevin Fisch: Diamond Dash
  • Rebekah Bonilla: Diamond Dash
  • Adam Rayl: Spin Hopper
  • Austin Seibert: Spin Hopper
  • Ben Udy: Spin Hopper
  • Noah Garfield: Spin Hopper
  • Seth Rogers: Spin Hopper
  • Westley Silvestri: Spin Hopper
  • Samantha Bush: Spin Hopper
  • Corey McCoy: Warped Wall
  • Ruben Arellano: Warped Wall
  • Kyle Soderman: Mega Wall
  • Flip Rodriguez: Mega Wall
  • Hunter Swan: Mega Wall
  • Kevin Bull: Complete
  • Davyon Hancox: Complete
  • Jonah Bonner: Complete
  • David Alvarez: Complete
  • Danell Leyva: Complete
  • David Campbell: Complete - Second fastest time
  • Arnold Hernandez: Complete
  • Hunter Guerard: Complete - Fastest time
  • Brian Kretsch: Complete
  • Brian Burk: Complete
  • Scott Willson: Complete - Mega Wall on 1st try