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Flip Rodriguez’s run demonstrated the power of this season’s rules

The new rules and obstacles will have an immediate impact on the Ninjas.

Updated since the airing of the Los Angeles Qualifiers.

American Ninja Warrior made its season 11 debut on Wednesday, May 29 at 8/7c on NBC, with the Los Angeles Qualifiers.

Ninja Warrior veteran Flip Rodriguez is up on the LA Qualifying course and he’s weighing a few new choices. Will he try to go for the fastest time to get on the Power Tower, or does he want the $10k of the Mega Wall? Maybe he can do both if he plays his cards right!

His run gives us a look at several new obstacles, including Walk the Plank and Spring Forward. After passing the Spin Hopper, Flip faces the Mega Wall. Things get tricky here. He was pacing for the fastest completion time, but after two failed tries at the Mega Wall, that’s no longer on the line. The new rules determined that he was not allowed to return to the Warped Wall and finish the course.

Even though Flip gets some great height on his third attempt, he’s not close enough to the ledge to grab on.

While the run still put him solidly into the City Finals, where Flip can once again go for the fastest time and the Power Tower, it looks like it still stung to leave the course without a buzzer.

Anyone who thought the new Mega Wall rules wouldn’t have that much of an impact on the season, this might be evidence to the contrary. Staying away from the buzzer can decide who is in the Power Tower races, which can decide who has valuable prizes that might advance their seasons even farther.