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A photo-finish determined the new Striding Steps Champion

Thomas Stillings and Joe Moravsky were neck and neck at the buzzer.

David Becker/NBC

This year’s American Ninja Warrior All Stars skills competition featured a twist on a returning challenge. The Striding Steps now had side-by-side lanes, so the Ninjas could push each other in heated matches.

After two rounds of competition and six match ups, it was down to Thomas Stillings, the returning Striding Steps Champion, and Joe Moravsky.

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Both had already won two match ups, and neither intended to lose the third.

Racing down, they looked evenly matched as they made the turn on the rope.

Joe got a little wobbly on the return, but still managed to jump for the platform first.

Thomas launched himself into position and they both lurched for the buzzer at the same moment.

It was so close no one knew who won. Joe and Thomas were confused.

The Ninjas on the sidelines were stunned and confused.

When the tape was slowed down and examined, you could finally see that Joe was just a hair ahead of Thomas.

He won by a screamingly narrow five 100’s of a second.

The new Striding Steps champion and runner up dove into the water to relax after all that racing.

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