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Only 2 Ninjas survived the 18 foot distance on the Wicked Wingnuts

Adam Rayl, Ethan Swanson, and Najee Richardson all took flight in the All Stars challenge.

The American Ninja Warrior All Stars special delivered on all the excitement the fans expected. One of the most thrilling skills challenges was the Wicked Wingnuts. The contest started with the Wingnuts spaced 14 feet apart and five Ninjas. By the time we reached 18 feet, only three Ninjas remained.

You can find the full results of the skills challenges here.

Adam Rayl was up first. His mom is well-known for her sideline anxiety and having her baby boy on the Wingnuts was no different.

He made the transfer and gripped through the landing, which tossed him upside down.

Ethan Swanson went second. It looked like he’d nailed it.

But then this happened.

Ethan was okay after that wild trip and we moved on to Najee Richardson.

The Phoenix had his wings on! He flew through the air and also went upside down while clinging to the landing.

Adam and Najee moved on the 19 foot distance. Who survived and became the challenge champion? Check the recap to find out.