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American Ninja Warrior: All Stars begins in 3 days, and the Ninjas are posting small hints.

The All-Star episode airs on Sunday, May 26 on NBC.

David Becker/NBC

American Ninja Warrior: All Stars airs in three days. The Ninjas are spreading the good news and sharing tiny glimpses into the competition. Here’s a peak.

First time All Star competitor, Tyler Gillett, certainly didn’t take this opportunity for granted.

Tyler’s All Star teammate, Barclay Stockett, will be doing double duty during the skills competition. In addition to being a member of Team Kristine, Barclay will be maxing out her muscles on the Super Salmon Ladder.

A few more Ninjas have confirmed their participation in the All-Stars Competition, while also announcing the specific skill that will be used to test their body to the max.

And our favorite All-Star post so far... There’s very good reason to believe this year’s All-Star special will be jaw-dropping. Tune in on May 26, on NBC.