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Matt & Akbar have been named co-grand marshals of the Indy 500.

The Indy 500 will begin on Sunday, May 26 at 12:45pm.

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102nd Running of the Indianapolis 500 Getty Images

It’s going to be a busy weekend for Matt and Akbar. We already know that Ninjas are hardcore travelers, and I suppose we know that Matt and Akbar are too. (I mean, Akbar was recently seen in multiple states in a very short amount of time, promoting his new book!) This time, Matt and Akbar aren’t traveling too far, but the hours of their commitments have us slightly worried about sleep deprivation.

As we know, Matt and Akbar will be in Cincinnati this Friday and Saturday night, entertaining us with their announcing magic on the set of American Ninja Warrior. We recently found out that they will also be co-grand marshals at the Indy 500 on Sunday! What an honor, and great timing too – Cincinnati is only 112 miles away from Indianapolis. One thing though – American Ninja Warrior tapings aren’t exactly a quick walk in the park. They are legitimate all-nighters, often starting around 7pm and wrapping up around 4-5am. The Indy 500 kicks off at 12:45 on Sunday. So… that leaves 6-7 hours for sleep, food, travel, and maybe a change of clothes? Yep, Matt and Akbar are definitely hardcore. Hopefully they are skilled at power naps on the go!

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