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Ohio and North Carolina will be full of Ninjas over Memorial Day weekend

Three Ninja-packed events, all full of Ninja star power are happening this weekend.

Michael Hickey/NBC

The Ninjas will be out in force this weekend! With American Ninja Warrior filming in downtown Cincinnati this Friday and Saturday night, Ultimate Backyard Warrior in Rocky Mount, North Carolina this Saturday and Sunday, and the Warrior Tech Anniversary Ninja Event in Morrisville, North Carolina on Memorial Day, the Ninjas are going to be busy. Will any Ninjas be at all three events? We’re not sure, but as much as we’ve seen these Ninjas travel, we definitely wouldn’t be shocked. There are roughly 8 driving hours (or 1.5 in an airplane) between them, so why not!

Michael Hickey/NBC

At the Cincinnati taping, the rumor is that we will see many phenomenal Ninjas compete, including Ethan Swanson, Michelle Warnky, Jesse Labreck, Chris DiGangi, Grant McCartney, Ian Dory, and Jimmy Choi. Of course, if Cincinnati is anything like the other city tapings, there will be plenty of other Ninjas there simply to cheer on their friends. The Power Tower will no doubt be there too – and that giant contraption seems to be almost as popular and talked about as the Ninjas this week! Which two Ninjas will earn the right to race on it this time? Maybe Cincinnati will allow us to witness a Ninja win $10,000 on the MegaWall, or maybe we’ll see a Ninja make it up by their fingertips on their third try, winning $2,500. Read more MegaWall information here.

Ultimate Backyard Warrior

Ultimate Backyard Warrior in Rocky Mount, North Carolina has confirmed that incredible Ninjas, including Neil Craver, Devin Harrelson, Joe Moravsky, Adam Rayl, Jake Murray, and Maggi Thorne, will be showing off their skills on Saturday and Sunday. Plus, Jamie Rahn is holding classes. Sign up here. We don’t think there will be a Power Tower involved at UBW, but there will be a 100 foot rope climb, water under the course, a Porsche giveaway, and the always energetic Mike Cook. If you’re good at impersonations, you’ll want to check out his latest giveaway.

Tim Saguinsin

Remember when we introduced you to the Papercut Ninja, Tim Saguinsin, after his amazing papercut art started appearing all over social media? The gym he and his wife own, Warrior Tech OCR, is hosting a second anniversary party in Morrisville, North Carolina on Memorial Day. It’s the third event of the weekend that will be loaded with Ninjas. The morning will feature Barclay Stockett, Maggi Thorne, Joe Moravsky, and Jamie Rahn in a “Live like a Ninja” panel and private meet and greet. The afternoon “Techiversary2” will feature all of the Ninjas from the morning panel, plus Jake Murray, Adam Rayl, and more, playing on the obstacles, taking selfies, and signing autographs. Attendees can play on the obstacles too. Of course, the Papercut Ninja himself will be on hand, and he is using his paper-cutting skills to create a poster for the event. It will be available for purchase exclusively at the Warrior Tech Anniversary Ninja Event. Check it out.

Tim Saguinsin

If you’re looking for some Ninja Warrior action this holiday weekend, you’ve got three solid options. And… American Ninja Warrior: All Stars airs this Sunday. It’s shaping up to be a great, ninja-packed weekend.