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American Ninja Warrior Season 11 Premieres on May 29 — Who will be this Season’s Last Ninja Standing?

Here’s a reminder of the last ninjas standing from Seasons 1 through 10.

Tyler Golden/NBC

The wait is down to exactly one week. While we impatiently wait for Season 11 to air, we’re speculating... Will anyone achieve total victory this year? Who will be the last Ninja standing in Season 11? Just how powerful will that Power Tower be? How many of the six Safety Passes will actually be used for a Stage 1 or Stage 2 re-do? (If you haven’t yet seen the Power Tower/Speed Pass/Safety Pass twist, click here for the juicy details.)

And how about that Mega Wall twist? Who will go for speed and a chance to earn a speed pass, and who will go for the cash that beckons at the top of the MegaWall? Will anyone get the speed pass AND the MegaWall cash? Only time will tell...

Bill McCay/NBC

The anticipation of Season 11 has us reminiscing about the last ninjas standing from Seasons 1 through 10. Can you name all 10?

Here’s a reminder in case you need it:

Last Ninjas Standing:

Season 1: Levi Meeuwenberg

Season 2: David Campbell

Season 3: David Campbell

Season 4: Brent Steffensen

Season 5: Brian Arnold

Season 6: Joe Moravsky

Season 7: Isaac Caldiero & Geoff Britten both achieved total victory

Season 8: Drew Drechsel

Season 9: Joe Moravsky

Season 10: Drew Drechsel

Season 11: ??????

Whose name will be added to the list? The Power Tower seems to increase the likelihood that we’ll see someone achieve total victory. Historically, Stage 3 is no joke though…

Place your bets in the comments – Who will be the last Ninja standing? Then, tune into the Season 11 Premiere of American Ninja Warrior on May 29 from 8-11pm, only on NBC.