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Second Street in Cincinnati starts its Ninja Warrior transformation

The show will record there Friday and Saturday nights.

In just a few days, the last batch of season 11 Ninja Warriors will step up to the starting line. The show is heading to Cincinnati to record the Qualifiers and City Finals on May 24 and 25. It’s the last stop on American Ninja Warrior’s 2019 tour before the finalists converge in Las Vegas for the National Finals.

Usually, the show does its best to keep the course under wraps until air time. They like to keep the obstacles vague both to the competitors and to the audience. This is obviously a challenge in a location like Cincinnati, where the course is currently under construction right on Second Street, in the city’s downtown area.

That means there are some sneak peek photos coming out from the locals. We’re not ones to pass up an opportunity to look behind the curtain a little bit...

Hey there, Power Tower...

You can see the truss going up in the far background of this picture.

It’s closer in this pic. We see you, Salmon Ladder! (No surprise there.)

There’s not too much to see just yet, but this article includes a few nighttime shots, as well as information on the street closures that will be caused by the show.

Looks good to us so far! We’ll be heading out to see the set in person this week and we can’t wait to experience what Cincinnati has to offer.