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Take a short peek at what we can expect from the Los Angeles Qualifiers

Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive video introduces one of the new competitors.

The season 11 premiere of American Ninja Warrior is looming and the promos are coming in hot! Entertainment Weekly dropped an exclusive first look today that hints at some of the action we’ll see at the Los Angeles Qualifiers, next Wednesday, May 29. There’s the new Power Tower, our new sideline reporter, Zuri Hall, and the return of the Mega Wall.

We also get to meet one of the season’s rookies and hear part of his emotional story. David Alvarez will run the course in Los Angeles. He’s looking for his sister, Wallyssa. They were separated in foster care when he was 13 and Wallyssa was just two years old. (Yeah, there’s no chance we don’t cry when this airs.)

Also this morning, American Ninja Warrior dropped a short video celebrating a few of the strong female athletes that are returning this season.

Basically, the hype is on, and we’re into it. Season 11 is so close we can taste it!

American Ninja Warrior premieres Wednesday, May 29, at 8/7c on NBC.