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10 common Ninja Warrior questions answered (as best I can)

We get a lot of messages, so let’s clear a few things up.

Adam Bettcher/NBC

Hi! It’s Nikki, the editor over here at American Ninja Warrior Nation. Besides writing a lot of the articles you read on the site, I also manage the social media accounts. Those accounts get a LOT of questions directed towards them. Especially this time a year, as I bounce around with the show while it films, it’s hard for me to get back to all those inquiries. So today I thought I’d take a few minutes and try to clear up a few of the most common questions I see (as best I can).

1.) How can I bring Ninja Warrior to my country?

It does seem like Ninja Warrior competitions are spreading like wildfire across the globe. However, there is not a direct path I can suggest to get a Ninja Warrior show in your home country. I imagine you’d need to start by proving to a television station that there would be enough interest.

2.) How can I watch American Ninja Warrior in my country?

Another tough one. There are probably some less than legal ways to download episodes from the internet, but I don’t know anything about those... Unfortunately, if you’re in one of the places that does not have access to the runs released on YouTube, I just hope my recaps can offer you some relief.

3.) Why didn’t you cast me? Are you scared of having your course demolished?

Unfortunately, the show doesn’t allow me to make casting decisions (YET- still trying to wear them down). So I can’t offer any insight into why or why not you didn’t get picked. But if I had to make a guess, it’s because yes, you terrified the producers. We’re not prepared for THAT much Ninja in one human.

PS - Please don’t DM me your phone number. That’s just not safe! And I’m not going to call you. (Intimidating photos also aren’t going to work.)

4.) Where is the walk-on line info?

Good question! Follow the casting company, A. Deign and Co, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They will release the information first, and that usually happens a few days before each city’s taping takes places. Generally, the walk-on lotteries have happened the day before filming begins.

5.) How can I get audience tickets?

Tickets are free on a first-come, first-served basis through On-Camera-Audiences.Com. You’ll need to sign up for the waiting list.

6.) I signed up for audience tickets and I’m still waiting on them. When will I know more?

Aside from guiding you to the website, I’m not much help in the audience department. On-Camera-Audiences provides a FAQ here. I have seen people get their questions answered by directing them to the company via Twitter.

7.) Why is the minimum age 10 to attend a taping? My kids really want to go!

The age limit is only seven in Tacoma! Does that help? Probably not. Again, On-Camera-Audiences would know more about this. I’ve seen advice online that if you just show up, they won’t question ages, but I can’t officially recommend that. I do suggest that you take into consideration the very late hours of taping. It’s draining for the adults, little ones might not have as much fun because of it.

8.) What’s up with the Obstacle Design Challenge?

Good things come to those that wait. All designs that were submitted during season 10 have been shared with NBC. There were thousands of them. Once a winner is selected, they’ll be contacted directly by NBC.

9.) Can I get so-and-so’s autograph for my kid’s birthday?

You should probably ask them! A lot of the Ninjas are very active on their social media profiles. Reach out to them directly to see if you can make arrangements for a special something. The Ninjas are a wild bunch and are not at my personal beck and call. (Seriously, just trying to get them to sit still long enough for an interview is tough enough! They like to move around.)

10.) When does season 11 premiere?

Why, that’s an excellent question! Season 11 of American Ninja Warrior premieres on Wednesday, May 29 at 8/7c on NBC. Don’t miss it!

Got any other questions? You can leave them in the comment section here. If I CAN answer it, I certainly will!