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Ninja Warrior had a wild time in Baltimore

The city kept things interesting from the competitors to the course.

Justin Andelin/Instagram

Another American Ninja Warrior city is in the bag for season 11! Over the nights of April 28 and 29, the course was set up right on the water’s edge at Rash Field in Baltimore. It was the show’s first return to the city since way back in season five. And for the very first time this season, we didn’t get rained on! (Yippee!)

The course brought some intriguing new obstacles to Baltimore, which, of course, we can’t tell you anything about. The northeastern part of the country is a Ninja stronghold and that was reflected in the contestant roster. There were a lot of well known names stepping up to the starting line. But the rookies also made quite the impression in Baltimore.

While we wait to see what the episode looks like on television, check out some of the social media posts that came out of the trip.

Baltimore had a wild side to it. The Zoo Ninja brought his feisty penguin along to his interview. She had some feelings about Akbar leaning in for a selfie.

Justin is a zoo manger and Melon brought along her entourage of specialized handlers. She was well looked after and only got to visit us for a little while before she headed back to her penguin paradise.

Okay, we don’t know the backstory around this Ninja Warrior visitor yet, but we’re interested. Major props to sideline reporter Zuri Hall for getting up close and personal with ALL the fans that wanted a photo.

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Caption This. @NinjaWarrior

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The walk-on line lottery was well attended and it was a full circle moment for one competitor. Dave Cavanagh is known as the king of the walk ons for spending a cumulative total of 77 days in line. This year, he got the call, and then called out the first name from the new lottery in Baltimore.

Before his run, seasoned veteran Joe Moravsky shared that even after all these years, he gets pre-run nerves.

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Ninjas and fans turned out in droves to support their friends who were competing. Allyssa Beird was the only one of the Fantastic Four to run in Baltimore. But that didn’t stop Michelle Warnky, Jesse Labreck, and Rachael Goldstein from cheering her on.

How could Jamie Rahn not get a boost of confidence from meeting this mini Captain NBC?

Najee Richardson shared his appreciation for every opportunity he gets to compete.

The road to Ninja Warrior requires a lot of determination and dedication. WNBA star Tamika Catchings thanked Ninja Kyle Shulze for helping her get ready for her debut.

It’s easy to forget that these athletes have spent years working towards this moment.

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Your success DOESN’T happen over night . . It’s normal to have expectations and want immediate success. But the truth is 99.9% of the time it doesn’t happen that way. It can take years . . 5️⃣- years ago was my first season of Ninja Warrior. I really didn’t know what I got myself into, but after running the course and falling on the third obstacle I became addicted to coming back and conquering the course. . 4️⃣- years ago I DIDNT receive a call back. My story wasn’t interesting enough it didn’t matter how strong I was . 3️⃣- years ago yet again ANOTHER year without a call back ‍♀️ . 2️⃣-years ago FINALLY receive a call back after years of training and hustle...tweaking my audition video and training so I was stronger than I ever felt before..crush the course but tear my ACL which made my Top 5 debut...fall away... and it was on to surgery ‍♀️ . 1️⃣ year later (NOW) - FINALLY another chance at the course, coming back 11 months after a ACL surgery. 11 months of strengthening my body, learning to be smarter about how I approach each obstacle, becoming mentally stronger & focused. . . Needless to’s a journey. And so is everything in life, but what I can say is: . If you really want something you are going to have speed bumps . There are going to be times where you want to give up . YOU are capable of whatever you set your mind to . Its the journey that makes it all worth it and success is just the icing on the cake ;) . . Now, tell me what journey are YOU currently on ?! . #WHstrong #strongwomen #thursday #warriorstrong #strongfeelsgood #anw #anw11 #aclreconstruction #comeback #letsdothis #strength #happy

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Now that it’s their time, their friends and family couldn’t be prouder of them.

Season 11 of American Ninja Warrior debuts on Wednesday, May 29 at 8/7c on NBC.