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All Stars skills competition will feature six dramatic challenges

This is going to be good.

David Becker/NBC

We’re just a LITTLE excited for the American Ninja Warrior All Stars special! It will be our first taste of fresh Ninja Warrior in months and it’s just days before the season premiere! The All Stars special airs on Sunday, May 26 at 7pm on NBC.

We shared the exciting team competition rosters here. Now, we get to take a quick look at the six competitions we’ll see in the skills portion of the program!

Before you go any farther, below we do have photos from the episode. We specifically picked pictures that we don’t think will spoil anything, but if you’re a purest, you might not want to keep scrolling.

Duel Doorknob Drop

David Becker/NBC

Remember the Doorknob Drop from the season 10 Los Angeles Qualifiers? It’s back and it’s super-sized. Ninjas will race up two sets of the obstacle to attempt to be the first to the buzzer.

The Striding Steps

David Becker/NBC

(Editor’s note: Before you yell at me, Jake Murray and Allyssa Beird are at the START of the competition, introducing one another to the audience.)

This obstacle appeared in last season’s All Stars skills competition, but now it has a side-by-side element. The Ninjas will race down the steps, use a rope to change directions, and speed back to the buzzer.

The Wicked Wingnuts

David Becker/NBC

Oh, you KNEW this would show up again! The Wingnuts will be pulled back farther and farther until there is only one Ninja left who can land and hold the bone-jangling transfer.

The Super Salmon Ladder

David Becker/NBC

The Salmon Ladder is always tricky. So the show has gone ahead and stacked about seven of them on top of one another. How high can the Ninjas go and how fast can they do it?

The Mega Spider Climb

David Becker/NBC

The final climb of Stage Four is transformed into an 80 foot spider climb. Nope, nothing scary about that AT ALL. Two Ninjas at a time will race to the top.

The Big Dipper Freestyle

David Becker/NBC

Oh. Heck. Yes. The evil Double Dipper from Stage One is chopped in half! What’s left is one impressive launching pad for the Ninjas to test their flipping/flopping/diving skills on. Okay, look closely at Matt, Kristine, and Akbar’s faces in the lower right-hand corner of that picture. THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD.

Which competition are you most excited to watch? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to tune in on Sunday, May 26!