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We don’t want to laugh at this video of Matt Iseman falling, but we can’t help it

He’s okay! That’s the most important part.

Is it possible to adore American Ninja Warrior host, Matt Iseman, any more than we already do? Watch him handle a flub on red carpet like a pro.

During NBC’s recent press day, Matt wanted to strike a post for the camera. He attempted a jump, split combo that might have been a bit ambitious. He ended up tumbling backwards through the signage. Of course, he handled it like any self-assured professional. Matt laughed it off, moved down the carpet and continued to deliver pitch perfect interviews.

Matt is no stranger to little bit of embarrassment for the sake of entertainment. He’s raised some eyebrows in airports before. He’s donned a crop top on national television in the name of journalism. He has gamely attempted Ninja Warrior obstacles before, with very less than desirable outcomes. (He ended up with a broken foot in one instance.)

Luckily, Matt seems okay after this tumble. He tells the “Access” reporter, “As of now, I am not injured.”

Please note this woman’s expression as Matt disappears from view. She barely stops checking her phone and is totally like, “Don’t worry. He’s fine. He does this all the time.”

On the other side of the carpet, Akbar Gbajabiamila looks like he’s concerned that he just became the lone host of American Ninja Warrior.

The online Ninja community seems to have accepted that, as much as we love Matt, he’s not going to be #NinjaGoals in the near future.

Don’t worry. Matt is in on the joke and seems to be aware that his innate skills may not lay on the course.

But his flailing fall on the red carpet just reinforces what we all know: Matt Iseman is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs.