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Akbar and the Ninjas might be in your neighborhood this week

He’s cross-crossing the country to promote his new book.

Akbar Gbajabiamila/Instagram

Want to hang out with Akbar Gbajabiamila and the American Ninja Warriors? They might be in your area sooner than you think! Akbar is traveling around promoting his new book, “Everyone Can Be A Ninja,” and he’s criss-crossing the country this week. Many of your favorite competitors are coming out to show their support.

If you want to learn more about Akbar’s book, we recommend you check out our audio interview with him, here.

Check out the dates below to find out where Akbar and the Ninjas will be this week!

  • Wednesday, May 15 (tomorrow!): Philadelphia Phillies game, Philadelphia, PA

A bunch of Ninjas will be on hand for this, including Najee Richardson, Rachael Goldstein, Chris Wilczewski, Abby Clark, Brian Wilczewski, Cara Poalillio, Joe Capo, and Clint Sarion.

Tickets to the game are available here.

For the events below, the “cost” of entry is one copy of Akbar’s book per family! You can purchase the book through a variety of different retailers, listed on his website here.

  • Thursday, May 16: Real Life Ninja Academy, Windsor, CT
    Time: 4-8pm
    Who: Drew Drechsel and Joe Moravsky will be in attendance.
    More info here.

  • Friday, May 17: Ninja Nation Centennial, Englewood, CO
    Time: 4-8pm
    Who: Geoff Britten, Ryan Stratis, and Lance Pekus are among the confirmed attendees. More info here.

  • Saturday, May 18: DojoBoom, Thousand Oaks, CA
    Time: 12-3pm
    Who: Kevin Bull will host this event at the trampoline park he manages.
    More info here.