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Barbados Ninja Throwdown 2019

Tiana Webberley & Adam Rayl competed in the Caribbean on May 11th.

Barbados Ninja Throwdown

Ninja on a Caribbean island? Yes, please! The Barbados Ninja Throwdown took place on Saturday, May 11th, with Ninjas from many countries, including Germany, England, Canada, United States, and Barbados, represented. Barbados is the eastern-most Caribbean island, located north of Venezuela.

This year, the most recognizable American Ninjas competing were Tiana Webberley and Adam Rayl. They both landed on the podium with Tiana taking 2nd place for the women, and Adam taking 1st place for the men.

The Barbados Ninja Throwdown has been going strong since 2016. In 2018, Barbados Ninja Throwdown partnered with the National Ninja League, providing a way for competitors to earn a spot at the semi-finals of the National Ninja League World Championships. This year, competitors were able to earn their way directly to the 2020 NNL World Championship.

As with all Ninja events, there were plenty of Ninja shenanigans happening on Barbados Island over the weekend.

There are already plans for a Barbados Ninja Throwdown 2020. Who’s in?