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Ninjas appreciate their moms!

Yesterday was dedicated to all the moms.

Karsten Williams

Ginny MacColl. Maggi Thorne. Zhanique Lovett. Sarah Schoback. And Karsten Williams’ mom, Linda!

When we hear someone say ‘Ninja” and “mom” in the same sentence, these are the names that pop in our head. What’s not to love about a 63 year old mom achieving her first pull-up, and later going on to compete on American Ninja Warrior? You’re amazing, Ginny MacColl! Maggi Thorne has been a force of positivity and persistence. As a single mom, she has shown us how to rise up from imperfect circumstances. We can’t think about Zhanique Lovett’s breakout rookie year without visualizing her backflipping son on the sidelines. Sarah Schoback has always been a champion for Ninja moms. And Karsten Williams’ mom, Linda? Even though she has never run the course, she’s just as recognized and loved as her Ninja son! The love and pride she exudes from the sidelines inspires us all.

This video from Celeste Dixon probably sums up the support and love that so many moms pour into their kids whether they’re infants, kids, teens, adults, or ninjas. (Ninjas deserve their own category!)

To all the moms out there – we hope you had a relaxing, fun, wonderful, happy day yesterday. We noticed that the Ninjas are an appreciative bunch when it comes to their moms, and the moms of their children.

Here is just a sampling of the thankful Ninjas who gave a shout-out to their fabulous moms and wives yesterday.

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Happy Mother’s Day to this beautiful woman ❤️

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Moms of the world – we appreciate you!!