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We’re starting to get word on some of Tacoma’s lucky walk-on lottery winners!

And it turns out that “Brian” was a really lucky name to have!

Brian Parache

Love it or hate it, the American Ninja Warrior Walk-on Lottery drew another big crowd in Tacoma today. As always, it ended in elation for some, and heartbreak for others.

Here’s a look at THREE Brians who got lucky in the Tacoma walk-on lottery this morning.

Brian Redard, a competitor on Season 1 of Ultimate Beastmasters, has been preparing for his moment on American Ninja Warrior for 4 years. According to his videos, he is strong and ready.

Brian Beckstrand, gym owner at The Grip Ninja in southern Utah, is lucky lottery winner #18. Time will tell if there will be room for 18 walk-ons during the filming, but if he gets a shot, he’ll be ready to crush it. Brian comes from a whole family of Ninjas. His wife, Holly, got the call for Tacoma this year, and Brian’s son was recently crowned the 11-12 year old American Ninja Warrior Junior Champion. Plus, Brian has been practicing the Shrinking Steps (along with plenty of other hardcore training).

With walk-on lottery ticket #4, Brian Parache is sitting in a good position to set foot on the course. He’s been Ninja training and cycling in the Chicago area.

Good luck to the Brians, and everyone else competing in Tacoma!