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Geoff Britten is back for more buzzers.

Geoff recently shared training tips and fun facts on The Ninja Dads podcast.

David Becker/NBC

Geoff Britten has arrived in Tacoma. After a two year break from the competitive side of American Ninja Warrior, we can’t wait to see what he can do. Geoff hit every single buzzer on Season 7, proving that he is a force on the course, for sure! When Geoff recently sat down with Andy and Pete on The Ninja Dads podcast, he revealed some of the habits and mindsets that keep him in tip-top shape.

Geoff Britten approved Ninja advice:

1. Keep “Greasing the groove!” Geoff explained that this means the more you do something, the better you will become. Surround yourself with functional fitness items, and engage with them every time you walk by!

2. The best piece of Ninja equipment you can have in your house is “a couple of easy slings hanging from the ceiling that you can change out the grips on.” Put this in a location you walk by all the time.

3. Keep things fresh, change out obstacles frequently, and be innovative with your training.

And the best advice Geoff has…

4. Turn your entire lifestyle into an active one. When you walk down the street, don’t just walk. Jumb on curbs, hop, and play! Stay young physically and mentally. Basically, be a kid again, and stay active all day long!

The Ninja Dads podcast also taught us some Geoff Britten fun facts. Here are our favorites:

· Growing up in Hawaii, Geoff used to run across the tops of bamboo trees!

· Geoff opened his first climbing gym at the age of 16.

· Geoff is an avid reader, and wants to write a sci-fi book.

And our favorite fun fact…

· On the plane to Vegas for Season 7 finals, Geoff’s wife, Jessica, asked him how he would like the finals to play out. Geoff described his perfect scenario -- He wanted to complete Stage 3 along with one other person. Then he wanted to successfully climb to the top on Mount Midoriyama. After that, the other competitor would also successfully climb Mount Midoriyama, but with a faster time.

If you’re a longtime American Ninja Warrior fan, you know the rest of the story. If you’re a newcomer, this is EXACTLY how Season 7 ended. Unbelievable.

This Ninja Dads podcast was full of interesting tidbits. We won’t give everything away though. Click here to check it out for yourself.