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Find out the winner of the Ninja Warrior speed bracket.

You voted for this National Finalist.

David Becker/NBC

After over a week of voting and debating, the original 16 Ninjas that we included in our “speed bracket” were narrowed down to just two. In the end, it was Najee Richardson and Josh Levin left. You were asked to vote as to which Ninja you thought would complete the final rope climb of Stage Four faster.

If you need a reminder of how we got here, we detail out all the rounds and the criteria we used to set up the first bracket in this post.

Okay, people, the results are in!

Josh Levin is your speed bracket winner! This isn’t too surprising, especially considering we’re talking about Stage Four here. Josh is a rock climber with a focus on speed climbing. If there’s anyone comfortable with powering up a vertical ascent, it’s this Ninja. Clearly, you all trust his steady performances on the course to take him far into the competition.

Congrats to Josh and thanks to everyone for playing along with us on this bracket!