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American Ninja Warrior Junior: 9-10 year old semi final results

The four finalists will meet up once again in a few weeks.

After 16 qualifying episodes, American Ninja Warrior has arrived at the semi finals! The youngest age group, the 9-10 years old, started things off. Things have changed a little bit since the qualifiers. It’s now single elimination. You win or you’re out. The semi finalists where quickly whittled down to the four competitors moving on to the finals.

And there’s a lot on the line. The first place Ninja gets $15,000. Second place takes home $7500. Third place earns $5000 and fourth place gets $2500. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

With the pressure ratcheted up, the Ninjas absolutely delivered. We even saw one competitor set a new record time, and then beat it in just his next round! You can find the full results and finalists below.

Semi finalists:

  • Taylor Greene
  • Jason McNeil
  • Payton Myler
  • Jack Cook
  • Nacssa Garemore
  • David Futeran
  • Reeder Smith
  • Sean Arms
  • Collin Cella
  • Zack Keenan
  • James Scott
  • Paxton Myler
  • Jacob Goldman
  • Jason Behrends
  • Kaden Forsha
  • Ollie Huss

9-10 year olds semi finals results

Coach: Drew Drechsel & Barclay Stockett


  • Sonic Swing
  • Tic Toc
  • I-Beam
  • Floating Tiles
  • Spin Cycle
  • 13 foot Warped Wall (hand hold at 10 feet)

Match ups:

Round one

  • Taylor Greene vs Jason McNeil
    Winner: Taylor Greene
  • Payton Myler vs Jack Cook
    Winner: Jack Cook
  • Nacssa Garemore vs David Futeran
    Winner: Nacssa Garemore
  • Reeder Smith vs Sean Arms
    Winner: Sean Arms
  • Collin Cella vs Zack Keenan
    Winner: Collin Cella
  • James Scott vs Paxton Myler
    Winner: James Scott
  • Jacob Goldman vs Jason Behrends
    Winner: Jacob Goldman
  • Kaden Forsha vs Ollie Huss
    Winner: Kaden Forsha

Round Two

Jack Cook vs Taylor Greene
Finalist: Taylor Greene

Nacssa Garemore vs Sean Arms
Finalist: Sean Arms

Collin Cella vs James Scott
Finalist: Collin Cella

Jacob Goldman vs Kaden Forsha
Finalist: Jacob Goldman

Next episode: 11-12 year old semi finals. Saturday, April 13, at 7pm on Universal Kids.