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Geoff Britten will return to Ninja Warrior in Tacoma

He last competed on the show in season eight.

Mitchell Leff/NBC

Geoff Britten is a Ninja of his word. He’ll return to the American Ninja Warrior course in Seattle/Tacoma for season 11!

Just about one year ago, Geoff went on the Armchair Ninja podcast and casually announced that he would try to return to American Ninja Warrior in 2019. We say “try” because all Ninjas are required to submit a video to the producers. Then it’s in their hands as to who gets invited to the show.

It was followed up by an Instagram post back in December that at least confirmed Geoff got his application in on time.

Geoff rose to prominence on American Ninja Warrior during season seven. He made history by becoming the first, and still only competitor, to hit a whopping six buzzers in the same season. That means he cleared Qualifying, City Finals, Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three, and yes, Stage Four. His time on the final rope climb was a hair’s breadth longer than Isaac Caldiero’s. That meant the title of American Ninja Warrior Champion and the million dollar prize went to Isaac. It cause quite a stir in the show’s community that is still felt today.

Geoff returned for season eight and had another strong season that brought him back to the National Finals. There, he had a shocking slip up on the first obstacle of Stage One that sent him into the water. He climbed out with a smile on his face, but decided that it was time to step away from the bright lights for a little while.

For season nine, Geoff was a background player for the show, working with ATS testing and fine tuning obstacles. During season 10, he was busy building his own Ninja gym empire with the launch of Ninja Nation.

The Ninja Warrior bug seems to be back for Geoff in season 11. And he’s in a great position to start another buzzer streak. The Seattle/Tacoma course will be inside the Tacoma Dome, and filmed during daytime hours on May 11-12. Let’s just hope the show doesn’t make up for the controlled environment with a course more brutal than the others.

Regardless of how the season turns out, we’re happy to have Geoff back in play! It will be a homecoming of sorts for the Ninja Warrior legend.