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Kim Kardashian West considers taking on the American Ninja Warrior course

How many obstacles would she conquer?

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Did you hear that? Kim Kardashian West wants to run the American Ninja Warrior course. Her sisters don’t seem to agree, but we’d love to cheer Kim through a course. Maybe we’ll keep an eye out for her at the Tacoma and Cincinnati filmings!

Plenty of celebrities including Natalie Morales, Usher, Derek Hough, and Stephen Amell have attempted the ANW course, some experiencing much more success than others. If Kim competed on American Ninja Warrior, how would she do? Watch four ANW celebrity course runs below, and let us know which video clip you think is closest to the outcome that Kim would experience on the course.

Video A: Mark-Paul Gosselaar (who played Zach Morris on Saved by the Bell)

Video B: Natalie Morales, Today Show anchor

Video C: Derek Hough (best known for Dancing with the Stars)

Video D: Stephen Amell (plays a superhero on Arrow)

Comment your answer below.

Kim, please run the American Ninja Warrior course. We want to know the real answer!

Kim Kardashian or not, American Ninja Warrior will return to NBC on May 29th.