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Ninja Warrior reveals new art one month before season premiere

Season 11 debuts on Wednesday, May 29, on NBC.


Season 11 of American Ninja Warrior is just ONE month away!

The show will debut on Wednesday, May 29 on NBC, at 8/7c. Ninja Warrior will then move to its regular Monday time slot on June 10, from 8-10pm.

To help all the fans get excited, NBC has debuted new promo art for the season. It features none other than one of the most recognizable American Ninja Warrior competitors, Jessie Graff. Jessie was the first woman to take down Stage One at the National Finals and has not slowed down her streak of continued success. She was unable to take part in the season 10 National Finals because she was committed to her dream job of performing stunts in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

We hope that her inclusion in the new art means we’ll see Jessie back on the Ninja Warrior course VERY soon! In the mean time, the countdown is on for season 11!