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Casey Rothschild gets serious...serious about Ninja training

As if Season 10 wasn’t awesome enough, Casey Rothschild is entering Season 11 as a much more experienced Ninja.

Bill McCay/NBC

At 20 years old, Casey Rothschild became the youngest woman to finish a qualifying ANW course. (For more on her Season 10 success in Philadelphia, click here.) Casey got the call for Season 11 (Was there any doubt!?), and she filmed in Baltimore yesterday. (If her run went anything like last year, maybe she’s filming tonight too!) Casey recently joined Cara Poalillo on The Ninjababes Podcast to talk about last season, this season, and all things ninja.

For both Cara and Casey, training for Season 11 has been vastly different than their Season 10 training. Last year, Casey was a relative unknown with 7 months of Ninja experience. Her Ninja training consisted mostly of playing on her favorite obstacles and completing countless laches. Before arriving in Philadelphia, Casey had practiced a total of three full course qualifier-type runs and zero full course finals runs. Oh, and she had never run up a Warped Wall over 14 feet tall! Despite her inexperience, Casey enjoyed mega success in Season 10, some of which might be attributed to her Circus Arts background.

This year, Casey has embraced a purposeful approach to her training and enters Season 11 as a much more experienced ninja. She has been practicing full course (qualifier and final) runs for two months, sometimes running 3 full courses a night. She has also incorporated visualization into her training.

Similarly, Cara focused mostly on fun last year, and had a happy-go-lucky training style. Despite a sprained ankle in January, Cara is bringing the heat for Season 11. She has followed a training schedule that ensures she hits every type of skill and movement needed in Ninja. The biggest change may be her mental game. Cara is laser focused on believing in her full potential, never letting any sort of doubt into her brain, and expecting the best outcome.

Cara and Casey also share a keen awareness that Ninja has given them a platform to “help raise up the next generation and impact people around us.” If you are a Ninja kid, or you have a Ninja kid, there’s advice for you sprinkled all over this podcast. Go check it out!

And, as always, The Ninjababe Podcast dishes out plenty of inspiration to the women of the world. The Ninjababe mantra is, “Be Strong. Be You. Be a Ninjababe.” Take a listen, and be inspired.

Cara Poalillo