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Ninjas were well-received at football event in Baltimore

Grant McCartney, Drew Drechsel, Michelle Warnky, and Neil Craver entertained the crowd at the Baltimore Ravens Draft Fest.

JD Pruess (Canam Productions)

Are you ready for some football? Football fans in Baltimore celebrated the Raven’s new draft picks at Draft Fest, a free event put on by the Baltimore Ravens. Draft Fest included photo ops, inflatables, food trucks, vendors, many current and former players, and NINJAS! The timing was perfect for Grant McCartney, Drew Drechsel, Michelle Warnky, and Neil Craver. If they’re in town anyway to cheer on all of their Ninja friends, they might as swing by Draft Fest, right? By “swing by”, we mean do a live interview on the big stage, complete a 3 hour autograph and photo session, and entertain the crowd with Ninja stunts. No biggie! Grant reported that even though the festival goers were decked out in Ravens gear, they gave the Ninjas a warm welcome, asked tons of questions, and loved their Ninja antics. Who wouldn’t want to see Drew do a seated backflip, Grant shoulder press Neil, or Neil do acroyoga on Grant’s shoulders?

During the interview, Grant was asked if he was close with other ninjas. He replied, “I hate these people…hahaha…just kidding!” Grant went on to tell the crowd exactly why he was in Baltimore, saying, “We’re in town just to root on our friends. We see the contest as us vs the obstacles, not us vs each other.” When asked about the hardest part of the show, the Ninjas agreed that it was the nerves and the weather.

Jd Pruess (Canam Productions)

Luckily, these fan-favorite Ninjas weren’t looking to get drafted at Draft Fest. We’ll still be able to watch them wow us on the American Ninja Warrior course starting on May 29 on NBC.