My Review of American Ninja Warrior Junior

Eddy Chen/Universal Kids
So I am going to split this into 3 sections

1. Format 9/10

The format was great, splitting them up into 3 age groups 9-10 11-12 and 13-14 was a great idea and keeping the boys and girls running against each other was something I really liked seeing. "Qualifying round" format was perfict with the seeding race, kept everything fair. The only thing I would change would be after the top 16 are chosen, have the fasted run against the slowest then second fastest vs second slowest and so on, to make sure you have the best races in the finale, they got lucky this season but it could go badly if they don't do the bracket this way. Over all loved the format and would not be upset if they keep it this way for next season.

Everyone was also shown, no drawn out sob stories, the profiles showed off their skills, and everyone got time, they didn't digest anyone which was great, every child on the show got their time to shine, they didn't try to make the show look like it was Hollywood produced, the focus was on the competitors as it should be. NBC take notes.

2. Course 7/10
I was disappointed that the courses stayed the same for the whole competition. They could have changed it up after each round. Preferably, they would have stage 1 course for till the top 8, then quarter finals a stage 2 course, semi finals a stage 3 course and finals a rope clime for the win. I did like that they had different obstacles for each age group and that the course was not dumbed down in any way. Smaller size but same difficulty. I do feel like they must change up the courses next season if they want the show to succeed.

3. Contestants 10/10
Absolutely amazing, almost every contestant that they got was amazing and had some top feet of athletic achievement, from Junior Olympians, to martial art masters, to children of adult ninjas, to kids coached by the all stars, to top sports athletes, to free runners, parkour. stunt children, you name it they had someone who was a master at it.

The competition stayed competitive because everyone was so fantastic there was no one that you could say they are winning 100% in any age range. It was not a walk over from the boys against the girls either, which IMO showed girls everywhere that they can be just as good as boys when it comes to physical activity. Every worry I had coming in was thrown out after just a few episodes.

The genders were equally matched
The competitors didn't fall a majority of the time
No one was far above anyone else.

I can't wait for season 2. Best ninja show currently on the air.

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