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Free Ninja Training? Yes, Please!

Alternate Routes offers free Ninja training to adult Ninjas during Baltimore filming

Alternate Routes

Are you heading to Baltimore for American Ninja Warrior filming this weekend? There is no shortage of Ninja gyms in the east, and there are a few in Maryland specifically, but one gym is making last minute training a bit easier on all adult Ninjas…and their wallets. Alternate Routes, near Baltimore, in White Marsh, Maryland, is welcoming adult Ninjas with free private training sessions. How sweet is that!?

These closed to the public sessions will be offered:

Friday (4/26): noon-4pm

Saturday (4/27): 8pm-10pm

Monday (4/29): 2pm-4pm

Alternate Routes opened a new location in September, and it looks like they have all your obstacle needs covered! Check out The Giving Ninja putting the work in at their gym.

Oh, and there’s this –

If you’re interested in training, fun, and adult Ninja camaraderie, check out their Instagram page for details.