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This parkour Instagram account is oddly hilarious

OppoBob really lets it all out while he trains.


We needed a good chuckle to relieve some stress today and this over-the-top parkour account popped up at exactly the right moment. We came across OppoBob while scoping out recent uses of the hashtag #AmericanNinjaWarrior on Instagram. The main focus is parkour, not necessarily Ninja Warrior, but who doesn’t like a good laugh?

Actual footage of us leaving the ANW set at 7am and trying to get in bed as fast as possible.

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I was built to go TOP SPEED. @top_speed_everyday

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Who doesn’t want to give this a try? Mat sledding!

If anything, the steadiness of the screaming is a testament to his cardio and breath control.

The Instagram account seems to be where parkour athlete Bob Reese shares his videos showing off the lighter side of training. After all, it’s not worth it if you’re not having fun. (The OppoBob account refers to Bob Reese as his “twin brother,” so we’re making an assumption here that they’re actually the same person. Cue Twilight Zone music.)

While it doesn’t seem like Reese has tried out American Ninja Warrior for himself, it does look like he has some roots in the community. His Facebook page is followed by some big name American Ninja Warriors. Ryan Stratis and Chris Wilczewski are followers of the OppoBob Instagram page. And we can never forget that parkour and Ninja Warrior have lot of shared athletes. Drew Drechsel and Flip Rodriguez started as parkour/freerunning athletes before American Ninja Warrior came along.

Reese definitely has some undeniable skills even in his more ridiculous of videos. Maybe one day he’ll run screaming down an American Ninja Warrior course.