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Zuri Hall is adjusting to life with Ninja Warrior and it looks like she’s nailing it

We’re convinced she knows how to add more hours to the day.

Zuri Hall/Instagram

Back in March, we learned that American Ninja Warrior was gaining a new family member beginning in season 11. Zuri Hall was joining as the sideline reporter, rounding out the hosting team that includes Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila.

If you’re not following Zuri on social media, you definitely should be. She’s giving a great look into the very busy life of a Ninja Warrior crew member, as well as the approximately million other things she’s dedicated to creating. There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to adapting to the hectic world of creating American Ninja Warrior, but Zuri seems to be handling it all with a smile.

She’s learned that sleep during Ninja Warrior is a precious, precious thing which must be protected at all costs.

And that the Ninja community is a creative bunch that will welcome you with open arms.

Of course, she’s making lots of new friends along the way.

Zuri is about halfway through the Ninja Warrior season. There’s still a lot of work left ahead of her, but that is not keeping her from the other projects and interests she cares about.

She interviews well-known, non-Ninja people all the time. We’ve heard tell that these two gentlemen have done well for themselves in Hollywood.

She creates weekly YouTube videos just to share her life and connect with others.

And she hasn’t slowed down on creating work for E! News.

Somehow in all that, she’s trying to carve out a little time for herself through yoga and meditation.

We’re exhausted just looking through her feed! We bow down to Zuri Hall, the queen of multi-tasking. In just a couple of days, she’ll be in the ground in Baltimore, talking to Ninja Warriors a few moments after their runs end. We’re looking forward to seeing her on the new season of American Ninja Warrior when it debuts on Wednesday, May 29 on NBC!