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Joe Moravsky feels optimistic about hand injury days before the course

Let’s send him some good thoughts anyway.

Joe Moravsky is one of the American Ninja Warrior competitors that fans are always excited to see on the course. His exit on Stage One in season 10’s National Finals was a shock, to say the least. In his five previous seasons on the show, he had never failed to make it at least to Stage Two, including claiming the title of Last Ninja Standing twice.

That leaves him poised for a year of redemption as he prepares to run the course in Baltimore for season 11. Which is why we need to you to help us wish him a speedy and complete recovery!

A few days ago, Joe to took to Instagram to share that he was waiting on a doctor’s opinion on an injury that occurred to his left hand/fingers while he was training a climbing hold. The timing was absolutely not great. Depending on the obstacles of the course, even a small flaw in grip strength can hold a Ninja back from the buzzer. Not what we want.

After that, he updated his followers that he was feeling pretty optimistic about running the course, which was just eight days away at that point.

We don’t want PRETTY optimistic. We want Joe feeling confident that he’s got this in the bag! Joe is staying busy while he takes extra care of that left hand. Here his is taking on what looks to be a Mega Wall (18 feet) and catching the rim with his right hand.

Basically, we need Joe to look out for himself in general. It wasn’t that long ago that he shared ANOTHER training injury with a picture of nasty bump and cut on his forehead.

Joe, the Baltimore Qualifiers are now just five days away! Don’t injury anything else in the meantime, okay? And we’re all sending you healing thoughts for that hand.