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American Ninja Warrior Junior: 13-14 year old semi final results

These athletes might as well just take on the adults next!

In the latest episode of American Ninja Warrior Junior, it was the oldest age group’s turn. These 13 and 14 year olds basically operate at the same level at the adult athletes. A new course completion time of 25.53 seconds was set. But honestly, we don’t even know if it’s worth calling it the fastest time because these young athletes just smash it every time they step on the course.

This was the last of the semi final competition. That means that next week, we’ll have our three first American Ninja Warrior Junior champions! You can find the full results of the 13-14 year old semi finals below.

Semi finalists:

  • Blake Feero
  • Hudson Humphries
  • Max Feinberg
  • Vance Walker
  • Analise Grady
  • Celena Vanhaezebrouck
  • Jonathan Godbout
  • Jay Lewis
  • Jeramiah Boyd
  • Ethan Bartnicki
  • Elijah Browning
  • Sophia Lavallee
  • Gabby Romano
  • Kody Hazan
  • Caiden Madzelan
  • Nate Pardo

13-14 year olds semi finals results

Coach: Meagan Martin and Kevin Bull


  • Archer Steps
  • Tic Toc
  • Devil Steps
  • Floating Tiles
  • Flying Shelf Grab
  • 13 foot Warped Wall

Match ups:

Round one

  • Analise Grady vs Celena Vanhaezebrouck
    Winner: Celena Vanhaezebrouck
  • Jonathan Godbout vs Jay Lewis
    Winner: Jonathan Godbout
  • Blake Feero vs Hudson Humphries
    Winner: Hudson Humphries
  • Max Feinberg vs Vance Walker
    Winner: Vance Walker
  • Caiden Madzelan vs Nate Pardo
    Winner: Nate Pardo
  • Gabby Romano vs Kody Hazan
    Winner: Kody Hazan
  • Jeramiah Boyd vs Ethan Bartnicki
    Winner: Jeramiah Boyd
  • Elijah Browning vs Sophia Lavallee
    Winner: Sophia Lavallee

Round two

  • Hudson Humphries vs Vance Walker
    Finalist: Vance Walker
  • Celena Vanhaezebrouck vs Jonathan Godbout
    Finalist: Jonathan Godbout
  • Nate Pardo vs Kody Hazan
    Finalist: Nate Pardo
  • Jeramiah Boyd vs Sophia Lavallee
    Finalist: Jeramiah Boyd

Next episode: Season finale! Saturday, April 27, at 7pm on Universal Kids.