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Jesse Labreck and Chris DiGangi are engaged and we almost can’t handle it


Time Stops Photography

American Ninja Warrior competitors Jesse Labreck and Chris DiGangi have announced their engagement on Instagram!

Let’s do a quick run down on some of the Ninja Warrior accomplishments these two have stacked up.

Jesse Labreck made her debut in season eight where she became the first female rookie to qualify for the National Finals. In season nine, she completed the Qualifying course and made it back to Stage One in Vegas. Season 10 saw her hit the Qualifying buzzer again and get within one obstacle of finishing Stage One. She returned for USA vs the World and defeated Stage Two.

Chris DiGangi has been competing on American Ninja Warrior since season four, which included his first trip to the National Finals. He took part in seasons five, six, and eight. Season nine saw his return to Las Vegas, where he made it to the Flying Squirrel on Stage One. In season 10, Chris made it back to the National Finals after making it to Cane Lane in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, he was one of many Ninjas to fall from the Double Dipper.

Michael Hickey/NBC

Jesse and Chris revealed they were dating during season nine of the show. Since then, they’ve moved in together and even have a cat. They train together and push one another to be their best on the course and off. If one is on the course competing, you can always find the other on the sidelines, anxiously willing them through every obstacle.

Now, we are a day late reporting this news, and that is on purpose. Chris and Jesse decided to share their news on April 1, AKA: April Fool’s Day. Since SOME Ninjas (glares directly at Barclay Stockett and Brian Kretsch) think it’s funny to announce fake engagements, we held off a day and then reached out directly to Jesse to confirm the excellent news. She even shared a few more pictures from their engagement photoshoot.

Time Stops Photography

Okay, we’re trying not to tumble down the rabbit hole of getting obsessed with their couple-hood because they are both individual, talented, driven athletes with their own goals... But they have decided to join forces and the beauty of it and their support for each other is totally getting to us.

CONGRATS, JESSE AND CHRIS! We wish you a lifetime of happiness!