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Watch Matt and Akbar play ‘Obstacle name or tool at Home Depot?’

Scotty K of 93.3 put them to the test.

The obstacle names on American Ninja Warrior can get pretty wild. We all know this. How else are you going to name a devilish contraption in a family-friendly way?

Oklahoma City rookie competitor and Hot 93.3 DJ Scotty K put a little twist on the naming-fun when he asked hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila to play a game of “Obstacle Name or tool at Home Depot?”

Let’s be honest, any of these could fall into either category.

  • Monkey Peg
  • Bull Float
  • Bullnose Plane
  • Doorknob Arch
  • Body Prop
  • Plugging Chisel
  • Macaroni Tool

Can’t you just feel the producers working on the Plugging Chisel right now? Watch the video above to find out how Matt and Akbar hold up in the game.

They also go on to discuss what keeps them excited about the show after all these seasons, the three qualities that make a Ninja Warrior, and where they see the sport evolving to next.