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What’s the greatest comeback in Ninja Warrior history?

The Clippers made NBA history on Monday. Who do you think has accomplished that in the Ninja-world?

Mitchell Leff/NBC

On Monday night, NBA history was made when the Clippers beat the Warriors with a stunning 31-point comeback. That’s the largest comeback OF ALL TIME in NBA playoff history.

Even if it’s not your team, you have to respect a showing like that. Who doesn’t love a good comeback? It’s like something out of a Disney-helmed sports movie as the players share meaningful looks and the inspirational music swells. There’s just a little magic that happens when someone is down and out and then they turn it all around.

We experience this all the time on American Ninja Warrior. There are comebacks every night on the course. One that we always think of is when Artis Thompson III fell on the Log Runner in Oklahoma City season eight, and flat out told gravity to shove it.

We could also be in the precipice of the sport’s greatest career comeback. Season 11 will mark the return of Geoff Britten to the course. We doubt you need to be reminded of this info, but Geoff hit six straight buzzers in season seven, culminating in the Stage Four rope climb with Isaac Caldiero. Isaac’s slightly faster time led to the controversial season ending as he was awarded the title of American Ninja Warrior champion and the $1 million.

Geoff’s buzzer record continued during season eight, when he completed the Philadelphia Qualifying course, bringing the total to seven in a row. No other Ninja in the show’s history can boast a completion record like that. While Geoff made a strong showing in the Philly City Finals, he didn’t reach the buzzer.

The true shock came on Stage One of the National Finals. Geoff slipped on the very first obstacle, Snake Run, and was out of the competition. After that, he took seasons nine and 10 off, while exploring several Ninja related career opportunities.

But Geoff is on his way back! He announced that he applied and received the call for the Tacoma region for season 11.

Could we be looking at the show’s biggest comeback story? It’s not exactly like Geoff’s Ninja Warrior career was in the dumps when he stepped away from the show. He was still a National Finalist, but to essentially “retire” and then re-appear, well, it’s got us on edge.

Hey, the Clippers would have still been considered a strong team if they lost to the Warriors that night. But they didn’t. They made history instead.

This is all speculative at the moment. The course is a fickle beast and who knows how the season will unfold. However, comebacks are in Ninja Warrior’s DNA.

While we wait to find out what the season will bring, what do you think is the greatest comeback in the show’s history?

This is totally up to you. It can be something that happened on the course. Or a competitor’s career on the show overall. We want to hear what left you gasping for air. Jump down to the comments and share your thoughts!